Talk Coffee to Me

I encounter a lot of confusion behind the coffee counter, mostly because of a lot of the coffee misinformation that's floating around out there. I'm not going to claim that my definitions below are the end-all, be-all... but in the course of my coffee career I've seen all of these play out to be mostly accurate definitions. Write me via Carrier Pigeon if they're not.

Jenny Smith, Central Coffee’s Barista OG

We worked together for nearly a year before I really got to know Jenny Smith. She's reserved, not the typical, bubbly personality that you think of when you think of a barista. The longer we worked together, the more I began to notice qualities- in both her work ethic and her demeanor- that I think are the definition of a professional.

Chelchele DP

Ever have a coffee so good that it makes you smile? One that causes an emotional response each time you take a sip? One where you're like, "Holy crap I actually taste blueberries!" and you really mean it this time because the flavor notes are so distinct that you don't even have to lie to impress your barista friends? Yeah, that's this coffee.