Listed below are some of my favorite books, blogs and resources for coffee and tea education. Expect updates to this page as I learn and grow with you!


  • The Charlotte Coffee Collective
    • Started in 2015, this group exists as a forum for Charlotte-area coffee folks to share information, educational opportunities, job postings and more. Monthly meet-ups for members create further opportunities for local specialty coffee professionals to network and support one another’s endeavors.
  • The Chocolate Barista
    • A blog written by Arizona-based coffee professional, Michelle Johnson, that is focused on “the promotion of diversity and inclusivity in the specialty coffee industry, one black cup at a time.” If you care about diversity and intersectional ideas within the specialty coffee industry, this blog is for you.
  • The Queer Cup
    • A blog by RJ Joseph, a long-time coffee professional and roaster for Counter Culture Coffee. In it, “she promotes structural solutions to queer inclusivity with a focus on the doable”. RJ is brilliant, and shares some truly unique, refreshing perspectives for our industry.
  • The Barista Hustle
    • A forum for coffee professionals started by Matt Perger, the World Brewers Cup Champion for 2012, who also placed 2nd (2013) and 3rd (2011) in the World Barista Championships. Lots of nerdy coffee science can be found here.
  • Barista Magazine
    • Running ten years strong, this publication is the leading magazine for baristas and coffee professionals worldwide. Available both in print and a PDF online, it showcases coffee culture and news in the Specialty Coffee Industry. They also have a blog which they update daily.
  • The Specialty Coffee Association
    • The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is “a membership-based association built on foundations of openness, inclusivity, and the power of shared knowledge. From coffee farmers to baristas and roasters, SCA membership spans the globe, encompassing every element of the coffee value chain. SCA acts as a unifying force within the specialty coffee industry and works to make coffee better by raising standards worldwide through a collaborative and progressive approach.”
  • Sprudge
    • Since 2009, Sprudge has been publishing original features highlighting coffee culture, news, and events. With a network of over seventy writers around the world, we cover the latest and greatest in coffee—from new cafes opening in cities worldwide to unique and specialized programs and events.
  • James Hoffman’s blog
    • James Hofmann is the World Barista Champion of 2007, who is currently doing a lot of dope things in the coffee world. These are his reflections on coffee and business, a blog with a clean & simple format, and excellent content.
  • Fresh Cup Magazine
    • Fresh Cup Magazine exists to share the stories of specialty coffee, tea, and the cafes that serve them. A popular resources among cafe managers and coffee shop owners.
  • Roast Magazine
    • “Roast magazine is a bi-monthly technical trade magazine dedicated to the success and growth of the specialty coffee industry. Roast addresses the art, science and business of coffee roasters by covering the issues most important to them with high quality editorial focused on the technical aspects of coffee.”
  • Jenn Chen’s blog
    • Jenn is a San Francisco-based freelance coffee marketer, digital strategist, writer & photographer in the specialty coffee industry. On her blog, she shares tips on social media marketing & documents her personal travels.


  • Boss Barista
    • Jasper Wilde and Ashley Rodriguez talk about “gender, race, sex, and other important issues in coffee”. Interviewing a different coffee professional in each episode, they address hot-button topics and create a forum for coffee people to think about the social and human elements pertaining to the coffee industry.
  • I Brew My Own Coffee
    • Bryan Schiele and Brian Beyke co-host this podcast “for people who care about coffee”.
  • Tamper Tantrum
    • A European-based series hailed as “one of the world’s premier platforms for coffee bickering, brainstorming, and live speaking engagements,” Tamper Tantrum brings inspiring groups of speakers to a worldwide audience.



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