The Seven Secrets of a Tech Judge

They wear aprons, carry around clipboards, shake a lot of hands, and look very serious. But what’s happening behind the judges’ curtain that we don’t know about? I had the privilege of tech-judging during the Knoxville Championships, and am here to tell all.

The Explainer Post

Hello readers! It’s been a while since we last spoke, eh? I’ve been a liiiiittle busy these days. My apologies for being absent.

Some Updates

Long time, no talk! I’d like to take a moment to apologize for my static silence recently. I’ve been a little busy these days. Let me explain: Since leaving The Daily Press back in November I’ve been working full-time with Amelie’s French Bakery as their Assistant Coffee & Tea Director to help train their baristas and develop their coffee…

The Coffee Lover’s Gift Guide

Let me help make all of this holiday hoopla a little easier on your, your wallet and your sanity this year. Read on for local & nationally-acclaimed gifts for every coffee nerd on your list.

Gettin’ Spooky with Tayslurp

If want to show your love for specialty coffee while simultaneously being awesome: Taylor Williams has you covered this Halloween! Just follow her Coffee-Inspired Costume Do’s and Don’ts and you’re setting yourself up for Samhain success.

Talk Coffee to Me

I encounter a lot of confusion behind the coffee counter, mostly because of a lot of the coffee misinformation that’s floating around out there. I’m not going to claim that my definitions below are the end-all, be-all… but in the course of my coffee career I’ve seen all of these play out to be mostly accurate definitions. Write me via Carrier Pigeon if they’re not.

Chemex Brewing at the Angell Farmhouse

In which I spend an afternoon on a farm. Don’t worry, I’m not trading my Danskos and jeggings for a pair of overalls any time soon, y’all. Pass the coffee.

Oh, hey!

I love coffee and I bet you do too. I’ve spent the past five years working in Charlotte’s coffee industry, hopping from shop to shop, falling in love with this dark brew and the community that surrounds it. I’ve become fascinated with learning new brewing methods, researching coffee trends across the globe, and fan-girling over the…