There’s a lot to explore here…

The “Blog” tab (located on the top of this page) will take you to a page full of coffee news, blog posts that I and several of my beloved contributing guest writers have created, and an archive of articles I’ve published with Barista Magazine. We cover everything from home brewing basics, to cafe build-outs, to not having a meltdown during a shift over spilled cold brew.

The “Media” page is a nifty spot where you can learn more about some of the public work that I’ve accomplished, from organizing coffee communities to throwing festivals to opening cafes.

If you’re interested in getting geeky with coffee, I recommend looking through the “Resources” page for links to books, blogs and podcasts I love to stay abreast with the world of specialty coffee. If you ever have any suggestions for resources I can add to that page, please let me know! I’m always looking to learn more.