I’m a pretty big coffee nerd.

In 2015, after working in Charlotte-area cafes for five years, I merged my passion for specialty coffee and my love for coffee workers by founding the Charlotte Coffee Collective, a barista-centric organization that hosts events to connect coffee people in and around the city of Charlotte. It was also around this time that I began side-hustling as an independent coffee consultant, working alongside budding coffee businesses to train employees, source equipment, lay out their cafes, and generally guide them towards success.

In 2017, I took the relationships I formed from those ventures and merged them with my experience serving on the Events Committee of the Barista Guild of America to co-found Charlotte’s first and only specialty coffee festival, POUR, with my pal Matt Dudley. I was also working as a one of the founding members behind Undercurrent Coffee, a cafe and Specialty Coffee Association-certified coffee education center that opened spring 2018. Oh, and sometime around that time I also became an SCA AST, served on the Sprudge Advisory Board, worked as a freelance writer for Barista Magazine, and re-watched the Office so many times that I now have it memorized.

Today you can find me working remOatly as the Southeast Market Development Manager for Oatly, in addition to serving as the Southeastern Regional Coordinator of the US Chapter of the Specialty Coffee Association. It’s now my full-time job to empower coffee people- whether through hosting events, helping coffee pals throw good parties, sponsoring meaningful work, or simply connecting my community with the resources it needs to flourish. My life is freaking dope, y’all!