Gettin’ Spooky with Tayslurp

It’s HalloWeek! If you’re like me, you’ve procrastinated the crap out of your Halloween costume and are frantically wracking your mind and your wardrobe to figure out a costume that is all at once funny, interesting, easily understandable and not terribly expensive. It’s like looking for the freaking Holy Grail of costumes and the fact that people like myself have waited until a few days before Halloween to figure it out pretty much confirms that yep, I’m just going as “Girl in Pajamas” this year… again. #party

Now, if want to show your love for specialty coffee while simultaneously being awesome: Taylor Williams has you covered this Halloween! Just follow her Coffee-Inspired Costume Do’s and Don’ts and you’re setting yourself up for Samhain success.


Got it? Good. Happy costuming, coffee lovers!

— — —

A little about the artist: Taylor Williams (aka “Tayslurp“) is one of my favorite people ever. Her designs, ranging from quirky to strange to downright hilarious, are all such an excellent representation and exploration of this genius girl’s mind. A former barista at Not Just Coffee, she is currently pursuing her art dreams as a freelance illustrator/animator with Weird Empire. When she’s not creating the most badass illustrations known to man, she’s working as an Assistant Motion Developer at Wray Ward.


If you’re interested in checking out her newest creations in person, she’ll be participating in a group show at C3 Lab on November 13th (Friday the 13th!) called “Hex Party“. It’s my non-professional opinion that you should totally come check it out.

(Also, and I’m not entirely sure what this means or where to watch it, but she’s mentioned that she’s working on an animated online series called “Dogs, The Show” about two dogs living in a gentrified neighborhood in Brooklyn. Ummm… yeah. Genius!)

njc shirts

On top of dominating at the most recent QCTNT, she designed the freaking rad-as-hell Not Just Coffee t-shirts. They’re available for sale at the NJC 7th Street location. Go there, buy all three, be instantly cooler while simultaneously supporting your local coffee and arts scene. You’re welcome.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bobby Reitman III says:

    Almost died reading that infographic.


  2. Josh says:

    I want one of those shirts, but I am too fat to wear the sizes offered. HAHA


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