Hullo, Fall

Coffee is a great connector, arguably one of the great connectors in the history of mankind. It’s interwoven through so many lives, yet each experience is incredibly singular and distinctive. Every so often I’ll invite someone to write a guest post about their experiences with coffee. It can be anything: an anecdote, an educational piece, a rant, a rave, a rambling… Each post is as unique as the person who wrote it.

Today’s guest post is brought to you by music-turned-beauty-blogger Sammie Colletta. I first met Sammie on the dance floor, cutting up the rug in a friend’s living room, laughing at how strange it was that we’d both “known” one another through social media before we ever met face-to-face. Sammie is so musically-minded. I’ve always admired the kind of people that dig through albums, listening to podcasts and scouring the corners of the internet for the most interesting and engaging sounds- I’ve never had that kind of patience and I doubt that I ever will. That’s why I like Sammie: she’s one of those talented, inquisitive, curious explorers that help make my long drives from Ballantyne to uptown more enjoyable through the addition of new music to my iPod nano (yeah, I still have one of those).

When I first asked Sammie to write a guest post, I was skeptical she’d say yes. After all, her HulloSam blog is wildly successful, her social media presence is huge and her life is seemingly the picture of perfection and success. I figured she’d be busy as hell but also that she might remember my sweet dance moves and throw me a couple bones. Instead she responded with enthusiasm and encouragement… and a playlist that I can’ Read on for a few words from Sammie and be sure to crank up the volume on your speakers when “Astronauts, etc.” starts playing.

— — —

Fall has arrived and what better way to get it started than with a nice little autumn playlist? Amongst all of the PSL’s, apple picking and cozying up by an outdoor bonfire (cus you know that’s gonna happen!), you definitely need some music to accompany your adventures. Check out my playlist below to hear of some of my favourite tunes right now! Some songs are more ballad-y, some remind me of fall, and a few are reminiscent of summer… which hey, why not? We’ll all miss it. 😉

My absolute favourite songs on this playlist are Ducktails “Headbanging in the Mirror” and Au.Ra “Morning”. I just can’t seem to get enough of these two. Ducktails, a band that hails from New Jersey but sounds like they’re from England, has a sort of Beatle’s-esque vibe about them. Au.Ra, out of Sydney, Australia, is just plain catchy with its rocky/almost psychedelic sound.

So grab an almond milk honey latte (my favourite combo), get cozy and enjoy!

— — —

Cover photo by Erica Berry.


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