Chelchele DP

Ever have a coffee so good that it makes you smile? One that causes an emotional response each time you take a sip? One where you’re like, “Holy crap I actually taste blueberries!” and you really mean it this time because the flavor notes are so distinct that you don’t even have to lie to impress your barista friends? Yeah, that’s this coffee.

Roasted by Mountain Air Roasting out of Asheville, NC, the Chelchele DP (“Dry Process”) is a coffee that I keep coming back to over and over. Hailing from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, this coffee is sweet, syrupy and just a little tart, with tasting notes of blueberries, toffee and lemon. Expect a burst of juicy fruit to start, a creamy body and smooth, pleasant finish. It’s not the least bit finicky and it works just as wonderfully as an espresso as it does in a pour-over. A versatile, delicious coffee: you really can’t go wrong there.


“Dry Process” refers to the method in which the coffee is processed, or how the seed (the coffee bean) is removed from the fruit of the coffee plant. When a coffee is dry-processed, the fruit (a “coffee cherry”) is plucked from the plant and left to dry on raised beds in natural sunlight- this is why you’ll sometimes hear “natural process” and “dry process” used interchangeably. As the cherry slowly dries in the sun, the skin, pulp and mucilage of the fruit coats the bean and encases it, which accounts for much of the dense, syrupy sweetness found in most dry-processed coffees. If you like a complex, fruit-forward coffee: this is the method for you. (read up more on dry processing here and here!)


Over at The Daily Press we’ve been using Chelchele on our pour-over bar and on our espresso machine for months and have never been disappointed. I’m not the only one that loves it: our regulars have been raving about this coffee for just as long as we’ve been carrying it. The Chelchele DP is consistent, fruity and enjoyable, which is why it has earned “Damn Fine Coffee” status in my book (… or… my blog).

Check out this damn fine coffee over at the Mountain Air website, pick up a bag, play around with it at home and let me know what you think!


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