The Seven Secrets of a Tech Judge

They wear aprons, carry around clipboards, shake a lot of hands, and look very serious. But what’s happening behind the judges’ curtain that we don’t know about? I had the privilege of tech-judging during the Knoxville Championships, and am here to tell all.

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How to Develop a Coffee Training Program: Part Four

We’ve spent the past three segments of this series figuring out how to build an effective and productive barista training program in your business. However, no matter how engaging your lesson plans, how visually-pleasing your handouts, or how focused your curriculum may be, it won’t have nearly the staying power without a culture of active learning within your barista staff.

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How to Develop a Coffee Training Program: Part Three

In Part Two of this series, we covered the basic theories of adult education and shared some practical ideas on how to empower all types of learners in your barista training program. In this post I’ll help you assess your limitations and iron out the content of your classes.

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